XCell Communications - Refusal to refund in spite of printed policy!

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1.Two days ago, I purchased a cellphone from a Cricket dealer, XCell Communications, at 303 High St.

in Millville, NJ. I had broken my cellphone and was looking for one to replace it. I chose the Kyocera Luno for $59.99 and paid $15.00 in order to keep my telephone number. This was a total of $79.19 after tax.

After purchasing the phone, I decided it did not have the features I would have liked; it felt chintzy and entirely not worth my $60. The establishment has a return policy printed on the bottom of the receipt which states, verbatim, "Cricket Phones can be returned only if they have less than 30 minutes on the timer or are less than 3 days old whichever comes first. Activation or proration or bill payment fees are none refundable. Original box must be present as well as original receipt.

Box can not be damaged or written on. Phone must not be defective or damaged in any way. Absolutely no refunds on Accessories. None damaged Accessories may be exchanged within 3 days of Purchase as a result of a defect to the product.

Damaged Accessories will not be exchanged." Aside from this policy's disgustingly poor grammar and punctuation, it obviously and unarguably states the I have the RIGHT to return my phone. The phone I purchased meets 100% of these guidelines. This location's store manager, the manager of the Vineland, NJ store, and the district manager absolutely REFUSED to grant me a refund. I wasn't even asking for the $15.00 ESN fee.

All I requested was a refund of $59.99, the value of the phone. As a saleswoman with years of experience in customer service, I am appalled by the lack of service and this company's downright refusal to adhere to its own policies.

These policies are provided to each and every customer in black and white.I want my hard earned money back!

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